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SoundGirls.org was formed in 2013 by veteran live sound engineers Karrie Keyes and Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato and operates under the Fiscal Sponsorship of The California Women’s Music Festival, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Since that time SoundGirls has grown into an international organization with over 4,000 members worldwide. With chapters worldwide SoundGirls offer scholarships, mentorships, job placement, business development and workshops. SoundGirls strongly believe in “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See” and feature a monthly profile on Women in Audio as well as monthly bloggers that share their experiences and expertise.

Each year SoundGirls launches an initiative that addresses lack of diversity in the audio industry. SoundGirls started the EQL Directory (in partnership with Spotify) which is a useful tool when people say “they want to hire women but can’t find any.” Members are encouraged to enter their information and share the directory with their peers and colleagues. In 2017, SoundGirls Productions was launched which provides employment and mentorships for women in live sound. In 2018, their goal was to move the conversation about lack of diversity in audio to proactive steps we can take to change this. They also launched an initiative to support women in production sound for film and television.

Jobs and internships can be found here: https://www.soundgirls.org/news/jobs-and-internships/

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